How some people are playing Destiny 2 early


Destiny 2 is finally here and ready to play, as the servers went live at midnight in New Zealand—except a whole lot of non-Kiwis have access to the game somehow.

New Zealand and Australia were the first region to unlock the game at midnight in their time zone, which was 8:00am ET. Tons of Twitch streamers were live playing the game, even though the majority of them were not from New Zealand or Australia.

It turns out that, now that the servers are live, anyone who was able to obtain an early physical copy of the game can play it. That's not out of the ordinary, as many stores break street dates to give a game to someone early. Bungie has said that it is are not sending out early copies of the game to streamers.

But what is interesting is the people who have unlocked the game digitally. Apparently, there's a way to spoof your PlayStation 4 into believing that you're in the New Zealand region. The process involves making a New Zealand PSN account and basically making your PS4 think that you're from that country.

The practice is definitely circumventing a system to play the game early, but a ton of content creators are doing it, so spoilers are now out and about in the wild. Be wary.

For the rest of gamers, Destiny 2 unlocks at midnight in each region, such as GMT and ET, meaning that players on the West coast of North America will be able to play the game tonight at 9:00 PM in their time zone.

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