Clash Royale's Next Big Update Launches October, Features New Game Mode


Supercell's real-time tower rush mobile game Clash Royale has a major update on the way, and fans are eager for its arrival. And for players that missed the game's Reddit AMA, Supercell listed some announcements through an in-game news update.

For one, Supercell plans to launch the game's next big update in early October. There will be a new game mode, Quests, and "Something Casual" for the game, although it remains unclear what that will be as of yet. But Supercell did drop one hint as to what their upcoming game mode will be.

"We've got a new game mode that is VASTLY different from all others," the team announced. "It's our favorite 2v2 mode on the game team."

So expect something based on 2v2, although it seems unlikely that ranked play is coming.

Supercell also plans to release one new card per month, with the next card coming out sometime around the end of September and another in October. But as of yet, there's no clear sign what kind of card Supercell will include in the game next.

"We haven't decided what cards will be in the next update yet, but we've been toying around with the idea of ghost again!" Supercell announced.

As of yet, there's no plans for an unranked 1v1 mode. This is because Supercell specifically created 2v2 in order to be "a nice break" from "ladder stress" in 1v1's competitive ranked mode. For Clash Royale fans suffering from some intense performance anxiety, however, all is not lost. The developers announced in the news update that it has "more casual alternatives to ranked 1v1" coming up in the next update.

And if that isn't enough, the team teased that they are working on a new arena for the game. So for fans that want a change of pace, there's plenty more to be seen by October. And the intro screen is changing too, on that note.

"It's currently being worked on (it might make it in for the next update)," the team wrote.

Clash Royale is available for free on the iOS and Android store. Originally released in March 2016, the game features competitive matchmaking and runs off a free-to-play freemium model.

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