Super Mario Odyssey: Release Date, Platforms, Story Info, and More

The Nintendo Switch's first major Super Mario game is nearly out: Super Mario Odyssey launches on Oct. 27, 2017.

Odyssey was first previewed in the Nintendo Switch's debut trailer back in late 2016, which showed off snippets of gameplay demonstrating the Switch's docked and on-the-go display modes. That reveal culminated in an official announcement during Nintendo's January 2017 preview of the console, shortly followed by an E3 2017 overview featuring an extended look at the title's gameplay.

Super Mario Odyssey may just be the biggest Nintendo Switch release of 2017. And as the game's release date comes closer, here's everything you need to know.

Release date

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Super Mario Odyssey launches on Oct. 27, 2017. The game releases worldwide, without a staggered release date between regions. Three wedding-themed Amiibos are also launching with the game, featuring Mario in a white suit, Bowser in a white suit, and Peach in a wedding dress.


Super Mario Odyssey is a Nintendo Switch exclusive. Unlike The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, the game will not have a Nintendo Wii U counterpart on release.


Work officially began on Super Mario Odyssey after Super Mario 3D world was released in 2013. Developed in-house by Nintendo Entertainment Planning and Development, Kenta Motokura leads as director, with Yoshiaki Koizumi as producer.

If Motokura's name sounds familiar, it's because he has a long legacy working on Super Mario games. He did character design for Super Mario Sunshine, worked as design director for Super Mario Galaxy 2, and also directed Super Mario 3D World along with Koichi Hayashida. This is the second time Motokura is directing a Mario game, and the first time he's serving as a solo director.

The story

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Super Mario Odyssey's story should sound familiar to any Super Mario fan. Bowser has kidnapped Princess Peach in an attempt to force her into marriage. To stop Bowser, Mario uses a hat-shaped airship, called "the Odyssey," to explore various kingdoms and search for wedding items before Bowser finds them.


In an interview with Shigeru Miyamoto on Treehouse Live, Miyamoto called Super Mario Odyssey "something a little bit more on the core side," designed specifically so "people who like action games can really get into" the game. He compared the game to Super Mario 64 in style.

That's pretty accurate. As far as gameplay goes, Super Mario Odyssey holds onto Mario's classic 3D roots while maintaining an open-world approach. Players enter worlds by choosing a location on a globe, after which Mario pilots the Odyssey to that area. Mario then explores various kingdoms looking for Power Moons to collect in a free-form approach, allowing players to explore through worlds as slowly or quickly as they prefer.

A major addition to the series is Cappy, a sentient hat that Mario can throw at enemies. Mario can use Cappy to collect coins, hit objects, jump to clear obstacles, or attack opponents. Mario can also use Cappy to "capture" animals, objects, and human beings, allowing Mario to take control of others and navigate areas.

Some call this "possession," but Nintendo insists the official term is "capturing." Either way, Cappy's role remains an important part of the game, one that plays into the 3D exploration key to Super Mario Odyssey.


Super Mario Odyssey also features multiplayer gameplay alongside single-player. Two players can detach the Nintendo Switch's Joy-Cons and enter co-op play, with one player as Mario, and the other serving as Cappy. In this mode, Cappy can take flight as Mario runs on the ground. Cappy can also attack enemies while in the air and position himself so Mario can jump to far away platforms. Both players can use their Joy-Cons to look around on-screen as well, helping one another navigate difficult puzzles.

Koizumi also teased that the game will have "network features," but no official announcement has been made regarding these. Expect more news to be released as Super Mario Odyssey comes closer to its release date.

This story is updated regularly to reflect new information.