There's some kind of massive sea monster lurking in the depths of one of Destiny 2's new destinations

Destiny 2 has only been in the wild for two days, but secrets and Easter eggs are beginning to show up all over the place. But none are creepier or more ominous than this one.

The campaign's second destination, the ocean planet of Titan, is completely covered in water. A bulk of the gameplay on Titan happens on the structures built atop the water, but there's something going on underneath it, too—a huge sea monster of some kind.

YouTuber "NecroHydra" posted this video to Reddit, giving us our best look at the massive worm-like creature slinking its way through the watery depths of Titan. Just look at the sheer size of that thing.

YouTuber "GamerForEternity" also posted a video, but this one shows the creature (or maybe something different) from the surface of the water, as its spines crest from underneath the ocean.

Could this just be a cool Easter egg, or is Bungie teasing something in the future here? It could just be some random massive Hive monster, or maybe it's a whole lot more significant.

Some Reddit users are theorizing that the worm belongs to Oryx, the Taken King, who was slain in Destiny 1 near Saturn. Since Titan is a moon of Saturn, it's possible that Oryx (and the worm god inside of him) floated down to Titan. Or it could be a new worm god entirely.

In any case, this appearance is sure to get the Destiny community talking. Could you imagine fighting that giant thing? Make it happen, Bungie.