Destiny 2 honors its veteran players from the beginning in a beautiful way


Destiny's fanbase is a loyal one, as many of its players picked up on the game way back in 2014 and continued to play it all the way up until Destiny 2's launch this week.

Veteran players of Destiny endured many long content droughts along the way, but they were always rewarded with something new once they came back for an event or expansion. And now, Destiny 2 is honoring those legacy players who were along for the ride from the beginning.

If you played Destiny on the same family of consoles that you play Destiny 2 on, you will be greeted with a lovely send-off to the original game that honors your past endeavors. After a short cutscene starring your Ghost, memories such as finishing the storyline, defeating Raids, going flawless in Trials of Osiris, or completing DLC quests are honored with a slideshow of illustrations.

With each picture comes a recollection of your fireteam and the date that you completed each task. It's truly a trip down memory lane that is sure to bring out the feelings of any long-time Destiny player who undoubtedly found friendships or saw friendships grow on the game.

It's extremely cool to see who you partied up with for each memory, and immediately brings up nostalgia and a good reason to say "hey, remember when?" to a friend. That's what Destiny is all about. It's a game, but it's a social one in a world that grows alongside its players.

As a day one Destiny player, it feels good to have your accomplishments remembered. But it feels even better to carry those accomplishments forward and make new memories with your long-time fireteam members.

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