Kaos: Homefront PS3 patch submitted to Sony, PC dedicated Server tools available

This news is a huge relief for Homefront PS3 gamers, Koas on game's official website announced that a patch update for PS3 version of the game has been submitted to Sony for approval, and it will be deliver to fans as soon as possible.

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According to Kaos this update will address many of the issues our community has identified with the game over the past few weeks. Once Sony approves it, we will reveal more specific information about what this update contains.

The developer also announced that PC dedicated server tool is now available via Steam Tools. Kaos said that the tool has an "easy to use graphical interface" with which players can now "manage and maintain their very own server."

"We are happy to help experienced tool developers who are looking to create their own remote control (RCON) tools,"

Dedicated Server Tool Features

  • Set server name
  • Password
  • Kick team killers / Max team kills
  • Set max players (players can specify from 2-32)
  • Round time
  • Respawn time (1-10 seconds)
  • Score limit:
  • Team Deathmatch (1000-30000)
  • Ground Control (400-2000 - the higher the number specified, the longer the match will take to complete)
  • VAC secured (yes/no)
  • Auto team balancing (yes/no)
  • Friendly fire (on/off)
  • Disable vehicles (yes/no)
  • Record game (yes/no)
  • Player list
  • Local and global ban list
  • Server administrators will also have the option to kick players, enforce spectating, or swap teams.

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