Half-Life 2 has a new speedrun world record holder


Twitch streamer Chili_N_Such has claimed the latest world record for Half-Life 2 with a time of one hour, 13 minutes, and 32 seconds—beating the previous record by just five seconds.

The speedrun itself was insanely strong at the beginning and was chaotic from start to finish, according to Chili. He was glad to bring the speedrun back to world record pace after losing a huge chunk of time on Highway 17, as he barely set a new world record in the end.

There are still huge areas for improvement in the run and Chibi believes that with good execution and time-saves, players could get close to the one hour and 12 minute mark.

Chili already had the world record for Half-Life 2: Episode One and is mainly known for running the Half-Life series. His recent achievement was his first recorded world record on a main Half-Life game in just over one year.

If Chili continues to show the skill he did in his most recent run, then there's a big possibility that the world record could be broken once again in a matter of weeks.

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