Pokémon Go Improved Raids Thanks to Auto-Select Change


Going on raids in Pokémon Go just became much easier thanks to a new solution on Niantic's part. From now on, Pokémon Go selects the best Pokémon type to counter a Raid Boss.

Raids previously auto-selected a high Stamina Pokémon to throw out during Raids. In theory, the idea made sense: use a Pokémon that can withstand intense HP loss while dealing damage to the Raid Boss. In reality, many of these high Stamina Pokémon were terrible choices against bosses, because they soak up damage while dealing minimum damage back.

Now, auto-select focuses on one of two Pokémon types. Either the game will select a Pokémon that is the most effective against a Raid Boss, or the game will choose a Pokémon that's resistant to the boss's Pokémon type. Water Types will be chosen against Fire Types, for example, because Water Pokémon can deal significant damage to Fire Pokémon. Meanwhile, Electric Pokémon can be auto-selected against Flying Pokémon, as the former can withstand intense attacks from the latter.

Auto-select's new improvement is a welcome enhancement for practically ever Pokémon Go fan. For casual players, it assures the best Pokémon is brought out during a Raid, regardless of whether the player knows their Pokémon's own counters. And for hardcore trainers, they won't have to worry about a fellow teammate accidentally bringing a weak Pokémon out into battle during a Raid. That's good news regardless of who's playing, so long as the Raid ends well.

H/T ComicBook.com

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