Sonic Forces Offers Day One 'Episode Shadow' DLC

Sonic Forces is less than two months away, and a free DLC pack has already been announced. Shadow the Hedgehog is coming to Sonic Forces as a playable character in "Episode Shadow."

"Episode Shadow" was officially revealed by the Sonic the Hedgehog Twitter account on Tuesday, showcasing a clip with Shadow inside a Classic Sonic Forces world. The DLC will feature three levels exclusively dedicated to Shadow the Hedgehog, although their content remains unknown for now.

Prior to "Episode Shadow's" official reveal, the Xbox Store leaked the DLC pack's contents. The store's page gives a bit more background into the three episodes, hinting that Shadow plays a major role in Sonic Forces.

"Get EPISODE SHADOW to uncover the untold story of the new villain, Infinite, and rediscover three updated stages playing as Shadow," the listing reads. "Plus, play as Shadow in over 10 Modern Sonic based stages!"

The pack also promises to explore "the full story behind the new villain's rise to power." Whether Shadow will ultimately side with Sonic or Dr. Eggman remains unclear, but the pack should give fans more background into the game's dramatic turn of events. That includes more information on Infinite, a villain teased during E3 2017.

Sonic Forces launches on Nov. 7 for PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. "Episode Shadow" is free for all Sonic Forces players and launches alongside the game.

H/T r/Games