Ana gets a new ultimate ability in Heroes of the Storm

When Overwatch healer Ana enters Heroes of the Storm, her kit will feel familiar to Overwatch players.

As a veteran sniper, Ana is a burst hero whose skill shots can heal allies and damage enemies, as well as deny them healing. Her basic abilities in Heroes are Healing Dart, Biotic Grenade, and Sleep Dart, all of which are present in Overwatch.

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Healing Dart applies 250 health to the first ally it hits, while Biotic Grenade does 175 health to allies within range. They'll also receive 25 percent increased healing for three seconds. Enemies hit by Biotic Grenade will take 60 damage and receive 100 percent less healing for two seconds. Healing Dart is on a two second cooldown, while Biotic Grenade is sixteen seconds.

Sleep Dart, as you may have guessed, puts enemies to sleep for three seconds. As in Overwatch, the effect ends if the target takes any damage. It can't be used on vehicles, and has a 14 second cooldown.

Ana's Heroic abilities are Nano Boost and the new Eye of Horus. Nano Boost restores 200 mana for an ally hit, and gives them 30 percent Spell Power and a 150 percent faster cooldown for basic abilities. It can't be used on Ana, and it has a 60 second cooldown. Eye of Horus can be used on Ana, allowing her to get into sniping position to fire eight "specialized rounds" with unlimited range. "Rounds hit the first allied or enemy hero or enemy structure in their path," Blizzard said in a press release. Allies get 300 health, while enemies take 175 damage. Fifty percent less damage is done to structures. The only caveat is, Ana can't move while she's using the ability.

Likewise, Ana has a whole bunch of talents that can be upgraded to boost her abilities.

Blizzard announced last week that both Ana and Junkrat will enter Heroes soon, as will a new map, Volskaya Foundry. Ana is in testing on the Heroes PTR now.