Overwatch heroes Ana and Junkrat are joining Heroes of the Storm


Two more Overwatch heroes are joining Heroes of the Storm—Ana and Junkrat.

A new Overwatch battleground, Volskaya Foundry, should make them feel right at home. Ana, a burst healer, and Junkrat, a ranged assassin, will be available soon in Heroes, alongside the new map. A preview was posted to the Heroes Twitter, showing off the new map and two new heroes.

Detailed information on each new hero hasn't been revealed yet by Blizzard.

Volskaya Foundry is the second Overwatch map to enter Heroes, following Hanamura, which is currently undergoing renovations. Like Hanamura, Volskaya Foundry offers new gameplay objectives to Heroes. The snowy three-lane control battleground has three capture points, moving conveyor belts, and giant mechs designed for team piloting.

Yep, players will be able to team up to pilot the massive omnic-destroying mech called Triglav Protector. Like Cho'Gall, one player operates the movement while the other takes care of the guns. To gain control of a mech, players will have to capture the control points.

Players can use the mech units in a new Heroes brawl called Bash 'Em Smash 'Em Robots, which pits mechs againt each other on a one-lane Industrial District battleground. Each team starts with a mech and must push forward as they keep spawning for what Blizzard calls "non-stop giant robot smashing action."

A new Overwatch-themed event quest will also open up in Heroes. Pachimari Mania! is a game that has players racing around the starting area to open Pachimari loot boxes. Should a player collect the golden Pachimari, they'll earn a new portrait, emoji, banner, and spray.

Blizzard has not detailed a timeline for release.

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