These are the best weapons to use in Destiny 2's Crucible right now

Destiny 2 can be overwhelming at times, especially when you constantly have weapons and gear filling up your inventory slots.

When it comes time to fight against other players in the Crucible, it's important to have a loadout that you're comfortable with, but also works well for the map and situation.

These are some of the best guns that Destiny 2 has to offer so far.

Kinetic weapons

MIDA Multi-Tool

Currently, the MIDA is one of the only options in the game that allows you to continue to see your radar even when you aim down sights. That perk alone makes the MIDA worth it, but it is an insanely lethal and accurate scout rifle at range. You can obtain it through an exotic quest.

Better Devils

Handcannons are in sort of a weak place when it comes to Destiny 2 shortly after launch, but Better Devils is one of the best you can try. Handcannons suffer from a bigtime drop in damage at a distance, but since it has explosive rounds, the damage dropoff isn't nearly as bad since the explosions do the same amount of damage at any range.

Vigilance Wing

This exotic pulse rifle is obtained through a random drop, so you'll need to get lucky to pick one up, but it's a solid option in the kinetic slot. It fires in five round bursts, and the weapon will heal you and your nearby teammates when you pick up a kill.

Scathelocke, Origin Story

For auto rifles, Scathelock and Origin Story are both accurate guns that hit pretty hard. Origin Story's perk that buffs your damage with up to three kills can be really nice in teamfight situations.

Energy weapons

Uriel's Gift, Prosecutor, Martyr's Make

Three of the most common weapons you'll see in the Crucible right now are these auto rifles that fit into the second slot. All of them are solid options for close to mid-range, and pair insanely well with a scout rifle or pulse rifle in the kinetic slot.

Last Hope

This sidearm is deadly with its three-round bursts at close range, and can melt anyone up close. If you close the distance, Last Hope will leave your enemy with no hope.

MIDA Mini-Tool

There are a variety of good submachine guns in the Energy weapon slot in Destiny 2, but the Mini-Tool is dominant. It can be tough to be accurate past close range, but if you are, this thing will become one of your best friends.

Power weapons

The third slot for weapons can be very situational, and things like the map and your playstyle will decide what kind of power weapon to use.

For close quarters maps, shotguns (Hawthorne's Field-Forged Shotgun) are always a good pick. For long-range maps, sniper rifles (A Single Clap) may be the play. If you want to unleash mayhem on an objective, rocket launchers (Curtain Call) and grenade launchers will do work. In the end, it may come down to preference.