Minecraft's Cross-Platform 'Better Together' Update Launches


Minecraft is embracing cross-platform play. The "Better Together" update is now live, officially introducing a new Minecraft version across everything from Android to VR devices.

The update introduces cross-platform play to Minecraft's Windows 10, Android, iOS, Xbox One, and VR. It essentially turns the various Minecraft editions floating around into a single Minecraft game, running on the Bedrock Engine. It also means that gamers across platforms can hop online and play with one another, from Windows 10 to iPhone.

Previously, various Minecraft editions on myriad platforms were available, with some engines slightly different than others. But the Bedrock Engine's Better Together update means that there's no more discrepancies between editions, like where a seed in Minecraft on Xbox One wouldn't work properly with Minecraft Pocket Edition. There's just one single Minecraft, with players across operating systems joining together and playing online.

There are a few complications to the Better Together update, of course. PlayStation users won't be receiving the cross-platform connection, leaving the Vita and PlayStation versions separated from cross-play multiplayer. The Wii U version isn't receiving an update either, and the original Minecraft version will continue with regular updates as Minecraft: Java Edition. The Nintendo Switch is also receiving the Bedrock Engine version, although it won't be live until sometime this coming winter.

There's also an enormous number of features and tweaks added into the game, including Stained Glass, Fireworks, Coarse Dirt, new rules for games, new starting options for worlds, and Realms invites that can be sent off to friends. Worlds can now be set to Invite Only, Friends Only, or Friends of Friends, too: a perfect way to keep out trolls across platforms. Hop onto the official Better Together Update page and its accompanying FAQ overview for more information on the patch.

H/T PCGamer

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