Nintendo issues DMCA takedowns against Mario 64 Online creator

Nintendo has issued DMCAs towards the creator of popular mod Super Mario 64 Online.

The creator of the mod, Kaze Emanuar, said that the gaming giant had filed the takedown requests against his videos and Patreon. The mod is still available online at time of writing.

The mod is a faithful recreation of Super Mario 64 for the Nintendo 64, but allows players to link up on a server to play with each other online using a bunch of Mario characters, such as Peach, Yoshi, and Luigi.

Each character has unique abilities and skills and the game was made to let players choose their own rules to play online with others in the classic Nintendo 64 title.

The news hasn't stopped the creator from wanting to work on the project, however. On his Twitter account, Emanuar believes that the DMCAs come from poor timing.

Nintendo's next big Mario title, Super Mario Odyssey, releases worldwide on Oct. 27 and Emanuar is looking to continue development more a few weeks after its release. If that fails, then Emanuar is looking towards future mods that can be made.