Bioware's Anthem to Receive Beta, Game Director Announces

Bioware showed off Anthem during E3 2017 to critical acclaim, leaving many fans eager to hop into the MMO-esque ARPG shooter's sci-fi world. Now, several months later, there's some more good news for fans: Anthem is getting a beta.

Anthem director Jonathan Warner turned to Twitter on Tuesday night, hinting that it's "been an intense couple of months" for the game's development team. One fan responded to his tweet, wondering if the game will receive a beta. Warner replied, confirming that a beta will head to Anthem at some point before release.

But don't expect to hop into Anthem's world any time soon. Warner told fans that the game is "still a distance out," and that it's "too soon for details" on when, where, and how the beta will take place. When asked to divulge more information on the upcoming game, however, Warner told fans to wait "just a little more time," which may mean new Anthem details are on the way.

Anthem is in development for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The game is currently scheduled to launch in Q4 2018, although no official release date has been set.