Here's how to get faction tokens in Destiny 2

Once you've chosen which faction to pledge to in Destiny 2's Faction Rallies, it's time to get out there and start earning tokens so you can level up with your respective vendor and earn packages.

But how do you do so? Luckily, there are lots of ways to earn tokens during Faction Rallies.

The first way to grind out tokens is to finish public events. These can be found at any of the locations in the game, but Nessus is a great spot for this due to its size and frequency of events. Keep an eye on your map and fast travel around, completing as many events as you can.

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Lost Sectors are also key for earning tokens, as they will be home to a new feature during Faction Rallies. Inside Lost Sectors you will find enemy supplies that must be destroyed. Once you destroy a supply cache, you will be rewarded a token. Lost Sectors have as many as six supply caches inside of them and can be repeated infinitely.

Completing Crucible matches will also earn you tokens. This is self-explanatory, as you will just need to play matches in Quickplay or Competitive, and finish them to earn tokens.

The same can be said for Strikes. Enter the Strike playlist, or do the weekly Nightfall Strike, and you will be rewarded with tokens.

Lastly, the Leviathan Raid will give you tokens as well, so make sure you pledge to a faction before doing any activity during the week.