Bethesda Celebrates SNES Mini Launch With Skyrim SNES Box art

Nintendo's SNES Mini is officially out, and Bethesda is celebrating the occasion with a rare treat. Skyrim received an SNES box art cover, depicting the game as if it launched on the SNES back in the 1990s.

The cover, which was posted on Twitter this morning, features the Dragonborn facing off against a dragon in Skyrim's mountains. It even features the original Bethesda Softworks font, along with a '90s-esque rendition of the Skyrim title.

"Congrats to Nintendo on the launch of the #SNESClassic," the tweet reads. "The Elder Scrolls finally comes to a Nintendo console on Nov. 17th! #SkyrimSwitch"

Of course, Bethesda never launched The Elder Scrolls onto the SNES, nor did any Bethesda titles appear on the company's systems until it published Star Trek: Tactical Assault on the Nintendo DS in Oct. 2006. Still, the SNES cover is a nice send-off to Bethesda's newfound interest in Nintendo, particularly the Nintendo Switch.

The SNES Mini is out now, although it's notoriously difficult to land a copy of the console, as preorders largely sold out last month. Skyrim launches on the Nintendo Switch on Nov. 17.