An exclusive Pokémon Go raid got canceled after a gym mysteriously disappeared


Players in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin were awarded passes for an exclusive Pokémon Go raid yesterday. But this morning, the passes had been pulled and the gym removed from the game.

Niantic, Inc. is currently testing a Pokémon Go feature called EX Raids, where players are invited to exclusive gym battles against super rare Pokemon, like Mewtwo. Invitations are required to participate, but can be earned by battling at gyms. After an EX Raid location is chosen, players who've battled there recently will get sent invites. To get the rare Pokémon, players must be at the gym at the specific time listed on the invitation.

That's what happened for Reddit user MisterHelmke. After battling at a gym located by St. Matthews Lutheran Church, the player received an invite for the EX Raid field-test. When they woke up the next morning, however, the gym has been removed from the game and the EX Raid Pass revoked.

Yikes. No Mewtwo for the Pokémon Go players in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin.

A Niantic representative commented on the Reddit post to clarify the situation. "I checked in with my team and they did a second review of the location," the representative wrote. "I can confirm that the location was correctly removed [in] accordance to our policies."

He continued: "When a location is removed from the game ahead of an EX Raid, the EX Raid Pass will automatically be removed from your inventory. We're still field-testing EX Raids and making improvements. We're currently working to address this case in a better way. In a future release, we'll have a more elegant experience for when an EX Raid is canceled."

It's unclear why the St. Matthews Lutheran Church gym was removed from Pokémon Go, but it wouldn't be surprising to hear that church officials complained to Niantic. After all, a church really isn't an ideal spot for a group of Pokémon Go players to meet, is it?


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