The 10 Best Free Multiplayer Games on PC


Down on your luck or hard on cash? Have no fear, there are plenty of free-to-play multiplayer games out there, and there's probably something out there for you, no matter your taste in games.

It can't hurt to ever download one of these games and try them out. You might become addicted and even find yourself sinking some cash into them as a way of thanks or to unlock a sweet-looking skin.

These are some of the best free-to-play multiplayer games available right now.

League of Legends

Years after its release, League of Legends is still one of the most popular games on the Internet, and one of the top esports as well. You can get a lot of playtime out of the game for free, and if it hooks you like it has so many, you will probably end up investing time and some money to unlock your favorite Champions once they're out of free rotation.

Available on Riot Games' launcher

Fortnite: Battle Royale

One of 2017's smash hits is an add-on to Epic Games' PvE experience. Fortnite: Battle Royale features 100 players dropping onto an island and duking it out to become the last person standing, and it is completely free, with an in-game store for cosmetics only.

Available on Epic Games' Launcher

Dota 2

Another MOBA that has withstood the test of time, Dota 2 is consistently in the top games played on Steam. It has a steep learning curve at first and is generally thought of as a more hardcore experience.

Available on Steam


A third-person shooter/melee hybrid that has you traveling galaxies, Warframe is a looter-shooter that rewards your grind with an addictive progression system. Upgrading your personal Warframe battle suit is a treat, and its recent open world add-on has only strengthened the free title.

Available on Steam

Path of Exile

Dungeon crawlers are a dying breed, but Path of Exile is a fantastic game to scratch your Diablo itch. It is consistently updated with seasonal events and a cosmetic store that helps fund the title, and is a massive time-sink for those who get addicted to it.

Available on Steam

World of Tanks

This game's name says it all, as World of Tanks is all about 20th century armored warfare. It's a massively multiplayer game with a progression system that sees you unlocking and upgrading all sorts of different tanks from different countries and areas.

Available on Steam


One of the newest games on the list, VRChat is all about interacting with other players in virtual reality. The main function of it is to walk around in a virtual world and talk to people, but there are custom-made minigames as well, with more being added every day.

Available on Steam


If team-based shooters are your thing and you don't want to spend the coin to play something like Overwatch, then Paladins is the game for you. It features a number of unique characters with their own ability sets, fighting over objectives like escorting payloads and capturing points.

Available on Steam


Another MOBA, Smite stands out as it is a third-person shooter hybrid as well. It functions a lot like Dota 2 and League of Legends in its basic gameplay and free-to-play model, but features Gods of all sorts of religions and creeds doing battle with epic abilities.

Available on Steam

Team Fortress 2

The original team-based shooter is still going strong, with tens of thousands of people still enjoying it every day. Sometimes, you need a little bit of a classic.

Available on Steam

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