Welcome to The OP

Here's how things have typically worked over the past couple of years or so: A gaming outlet  dips its toes into esports coverage before launching a full-fledged esports site. We're doing things the opposite way. Today, Dot Esports, the premier global destination for esports coverage, is launching a general gaming vertical.

Welcome to The OP.

At Dot Esports, we're gamers who have an expertise in competitive gaming. But that obviously means we also love gaming as a whole. We have at least one diehard Nintendo fanboy on staff, as well as a Destiny 2 addict, and one person (me) who just wants to forever relive the glory days of Black Isle RPGs from the '90s (I also happen to be the oldest person at this company, go figure). Our staff are always sharing gaming news in chat, and we're always talking about the industry. Moving into traditional gaming coverage is a pretty seamless transition for us.

We want to make it a little different than other publications in the space. Yes, we're going to cover all the major industry news. But The OP wants to make you better. That doesn't just mean better in a competitive sense, although that's certainly a part of it. Competition is at the heart of gaming, whether you're playing against your friend next to you on the couch or an advanced AI bot. You get more out of gaming than just the thrill of victory, however. Game designer and author Jane McGonigal has famously argued that the feeling of satisfaction you get from in-game accomplishments translates over into the real world. Digital accomplishments can matter. And gaming teaches critical thinking and analytical skills that have major benefits even after you put the controller down.

At The OP, we won't just write the news about, say, Destiny 2. We'll cover everything you need to know about the game, whether it's the best Exotic weapons or where Xur is on any given week or raid guides and performance tips. That type of intensive beat coverage typifies our esports writing, and we're bringing it to general gaming, too. Expect a lot of tips, tricks, and guides, but also breaking news reports and the occasional magazine-style feature.

We're excited to embark on this new journalistic journey. Thanks for joining us.

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