Spyro the Dragon Trilogy Remaster Hints Are Pouring In


A Spyro the Dragon remaster trilogy may be coming soon enough.

Amid ongoing rumors, changes to Spyro the Dragon's website and a package delivered from a Twitter account, which is followed by the official Crash Bandicoot Twitter, imply a Spyro remaster is on the way.

News first broke after IGN received a strange package from someone named "Falcon McBob." The website's associate news editor, Jonathon Dornbush, turned to Twitter and said he received a "purple, scaly egg" from McBob, who owns the protected Twitter Account "@SpyroTheDragon." The purple egg came with a message, "Something's about to hatch."

Of course, any random person could send an egg to IGN and claim something is about to hatch. But another strange event happened after Dornbush received the package. The official Crash Bandicoot Twitter account, which is owned by Activision and promotes its Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy, followed Falcon McBob's account.

Meanwhile, a Twitter user named Pixelpar allegedly found that Spyro the Dragon website's domain name server (DNS) has switched over to Akamai. This has since sparked Spyro fans' interest, as Akamai is a content distribution service that Activision regularly relies on between Activision's official website, the Crash Bandicoot website, and the Call of Duty homepage.

For fans, the DNS switch is an indicator that Activision is doing something with Spyro. Previously, Kotaku U.K. hinted Activision would create the Spyro the Dragon trilogy remaster. If Activision is responsible for the Akamai DNS change, then it may be yet another sign that the gaming giant is ready to announce the supposed Spyro trilogy.

As for whether Spyro the Dragon is getting a remaster trilogy or not, it's still unclear. Fans were previously disappointed by an alleged reveal for mid-March, which turned out to be a no-show, yet hype hasn't decreased in the slightest despite the false report. That may be for a reason: Target has hinted at an upcoming Spyro trilogy remaster for as soon as September, so anything could happen at this rate.

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