You can play with the original Chrono Trigger graphics on PC this month


If you bought Chrono Trigger when it made its surprise Steam debut and were disappointed by its graphics (or several other issues), there's a light at the end of the tunnel.

Square Enix is releasing several updates for the game over the next few months, beginning in the first half of April, that will let you swap between the new HD graphics and the original sprite-based look. This way you can take in the newly-reworked visuals or go all nostalgic with the way things were. 

There's more coming than just changes to the way things look, too, with a larger list of updates coming when the April release lands this month. Square Enix is also going to allow players to pick up the Chrono Trigger limited edition beyond its planned initial availability period. It's still up for grabs until April 30 at 9am PT, and includes the game, digital liner notes from composer Yasunori Mitsuda, a five-song medley, and six wallpapers for PC. 

This graphical update is likely in response to the torrent of negative feedback players shared with Square Enix regarding the problems the PC version featured upon release. The team responsible for bringing Chrono Trigger to PC released a statement on Steam earlier last month saying that further updates would be coming to help address some of the problems players had with the title.

"We wanted to let you know that we are reading and listening to your messages and are aware of all of the issues that you've raised, which we are currently assessing," the statement read. "Please keep an eye on the Steam page for further information."

It looks like the roadmap to improvements has finally been drawn. Now if only the touch screen controls remained visible onscreen and the font problems could be resolved. 

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