Destiny 2 will receive faster time-to-kill and weapon slot changes in future updates


The great Bob Dylan once said "the times, they are a-changin'," and so is Destiny 2. The ever-changing game that has scared off most of its playerbase is still a work in progress nearly seven months after release.

In the latest Bungie Bounty Twitch stream, Bungie developers revealed some new information about what is to come for Destiny 2 further down the line. Community manager David "DeeJ" Dague hosted the show, alongside design lead Josh Hamrick and PvP designer Kevin Yanes.

When asked if players could see the game's weapon slots return to how they were in Destiny 1, Hamrick said "I think that's a reasonable request. Ultimately though, we want to do something better. Either way, we're actively working on weapon slot changes right now. Like, right now."

In Destiny 1, the weapon slots in the game were Primary (auto rifles, scout rifles, hand cannons, pulse rifles), Special (shotguns, snipers, fusion rifles, sidearms), and Heavy (rockets, light machine guns, swords). Destiny 2 saw those slots change to Kinetic (auto rifles, scout rifles, hand cannons, pulse rifles), Energy (same as Kinetic, but with elemental burn), and Power weapons (shotguns, sniper rifles, fusion rifles, swords, etc). Fans didn't like it.

These updates likely won't come anytime soon, though, but one change that could come as early as next month is an increase on time-to-kill in PvP, at least for Exotic weapons. More info on that update should be coming in the next few weeks.

Updating the weapon slots and increasing time-to-kill are two things at the top of the list right now for Destiny players. It remains to be seen if these will help bring back a playerbase that has shrunk to just over 63,000 for Trials of the Nine last weekend, according to DestinyTrialsReport. The game originally started out with 1.3 million players at launch.


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