Ubisoft teases Sam Fisher for upcoming Ghost Recon Wildlands crossover event


It's been five years since we got a proper Splinter Cell game, and thus five years since we've spent time with the man, Sam Fisher, himself. As such, it's great news that the latest Tom Clancy property, Ghost Recon Wildlands, is getting a special event that recalls another classic series. We don't know when just yet, but the Splinter Cell frontman will be coming to the game for a crossover of epic proportions. 

In a new teaser, Fisher, codenamed "Matchwood," chats with "Paladin' on a special transmission. Michael Ironside seems to have reprised his role as Fisher, as he requests "extra firepower" on a mission in Bolivia. "I've got friends in that neighborhood," Fisher tells Paladin. "Call the Ghosts." Unfortunately, that's just about all the reveals that we get out of the teaser, but it's definitely something to be excited about if you're a Splinter Cell fan. 

Ubisoft has stated that additional details about the crossover should be coming on Monday, April 9, so just hold tight over the weekend if you're jonesing for a Fisher fix. Ghost Recon Wildlands has an entire slate of Year 2 content updates on the way, including a new game mode in the form of Sabotage and further customization options for your teammates. In short, there's a lot to look forward to if you're still tearing it up in Wildlands on the regular. 

Still, a Splinter Cell nod could be one of the coolest additions to the game yet. Could it mean there's a new Splinter Cell in the works? That'd be great news for everyone, for sure. It's been too long since we crossed people off our Blacklist.

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