Good Smile are releasing two amazing Xenoblade statues


Mythra and Pyra, two of Xenoblade Chronicle 2's iconic characters, are each getting their painted statue from The Good Smile Company.

Both statues will cost 18,333 yen ($170) each and are up for preorder now. Pyra is expected to be released first in December, while Mythra will come out two months later in February.

Alongside the Mythra and Pyra announcement, Good Smile have also revealed three new Nendroids today based off popular game series Portal and Witcher. P-Body, Atlas, and Geralt Nendoroids are available to preorder from Good Smile's website.

Mythra and Pyra are two legendary Blades that help the main character Rex in his adventure in the world of Xenoblade Chronicles 2. The character statues are based on designs by Masatsugu Saito, the main character designer of the game, and both figures can be linked together to form an epic battle pose.

Unlike Good Smile's Nendoroid and Figma collection, however, the two items are currently not available from the Good Smile website. Fans looking to add these items to their collection will need to buy them from another site, such as the popular Japanese character and hobby store amiami.

Both statues will only be up for preorder for a limited time, however, so fans looking to get them both will need to act first. Once preorders close, the figures will become a sought-after limited collectible.

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