Fortnite servers down all night due to database issues


It's been a bad night to be a Fortnite player—the game's servers went down, with no timeframe for their return.

Players have only just been able to log in and play after hours of frustration.

The game began experiencing login issues yesterday evening. The issue was quickly identified as a problem with the game's database, and after a couple of hours things seemed to be improving according to Epic.

As players flooded back into the game however, that created more problems. The fragile database couldn't handle the traffic, and within an hour the game was taken offline for "emergency downtime".

That was ten hours ago, and Epic gave no indication of when maintenance might be completed.

Fortnite's massive player base is, obviously, inconsolable. There are thousands of tweets and Reddit comments lamenting the downtime, with the game not having been in a playable state for 18 hours.

After staying silent all night, Fortnite's Twitter account confirmed this morning that there was still no ETA for the game being available again. Just an hour later however, the game was finally back up.

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