The Mareep Pokémon Go Community Day goes live on Sunday


Niantic's next Pokémon Go Community Day event will give trainers the chance to capture one of Hoenn's most beloved Pokémon this Sunday, Mareep.

A special Mareep that knows the move Dragon Pulse will be available to capture across all regions. This Pokémon will only be able to capture in local community parks and centres, however, so get ready for a walk this weekend.

As well as Mareep, Egg Hatching distance will be cut by a quarter to give trainers an incentive to walk around their park more. Lures will also last for three hours instead of the usual one when used.

With so many Mareeps available, trainers will be able to stock up on Mareep candy to try and get themselves the rarest and strongest Electric-type Pokémon in-game— Ampharos. To get this Pokémon, trainers will need to have 25 Mareep Candy to evolve it into a Flaffy and then another 100 more Mareep Candy to evolve to Flaffy into an Ampharos.

The community day event coincides with the Kanto event that is currently underway. The event increases the spawn rate of the first 151 Pokémon, making it easier for trainers to catch all the first generation Pocket Monsters they need on their quest for Mew.

Snorlax and Aerodactyl, two of the game's rarest Pokemon, are also currently in raids for the event, which ends on April 18.

The events starts at 1pm CT in North America, 10am GMT in Europe, and noon JST in the Asia Pacific region.

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