PS4's 5.33 firmware update is out now


Sony just released the newest firmware for PlayStation 4 in the form of update 5.53. If you're planning on picking up and enjoying God of War after embargo lifted with glowing scores, you might want to make sure you're good to go with the latest update. 

Firmware update 5.53 doesn't come packing any hugely important additions, but as Sony remarks in the latest set of patch notes, it does improve system performance. That's always a good thing, right? Even if you don't immediately know what kind of system performance is being improved?

Today's update is about 400 MB and is now up for grabs if you want to manually download it. It's required if you want to go online and try out the new Overwatch Retribution map, for example, which just dropped. Your PlayStation 4 should automatically start downloading the update and install it for you as well if it's sitting dormant in Rest Mode, so that's one less bit of work for you to do. 

The previous update featured a considerably meatier selection of additions, such as changes to the Library as well as implementing Supersampling Mode. What really needs to come to the system, as many have been clamoring for, is a way to change your PSN name. Expect much cheering and rejoicing if and when that finally happens.

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