GOG Set to Receive User Profiles


GOG users will soon be able to create their own user profiles, according to an official post on GOG's forums.

"So there is a very cool and nice feature coming to GOG—we will be introducing user profiles very, very soon," GOG user elcook, a PR representative for the website, explained in a post from earlier today. "But I won’t be revealing any details of the feature, as we want you guys to experience it first-hand rather than reading some PR bla-bla."

While GOG teases the new profiles will be revealed with "an official announcement very soon," no official information on their features has been teased quite yet. Tthe gaming distribution service has since implemented new privacy settings, however, and they provide some initial insights into what players can expect once profiles go live.

Under the new privacy options, players can set their profiles' visibility settings between three different settings: "everyone," "friends only," and "only me." These privacy settings let users customize individual visibility settings within their profile, so players can decide on their visibility for everything from their recently active friends to their latest activity playing games on GOG.

By default, GOG makes all profiles publicly visible but only allows friends to see players' friends list and games. Before profiles go live, GOG users can already change these privacy settings in preparation for the new feature.

As for what GOG has in store, the new privacy features sound similar to Steam's profile system on its Steam Community, which lets players show users everything from their recently played games to their location to their friends list. It sounds like GOG will give users more control over their profiles' appearance than Steam, however, especially when it comes to features like friends, online activity, and games.

GOG users will know for certain how the new feature works once user profiles go live. In the meantime, the site is still offering its Most Wanted Games Sale until April 23.

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