Sea of Thieves is getting a Pirate Legend ship design


Sea of Thieves is adding a new ship cosmetic design into the game for anyone who has the patience to become a Pirate Legend.

New sails, a hull, and a figurehead, priced at 300,000 coins each, were added in the 1.0.4 update. The new ship matches the regal purple color of the Legendary Pirate outfit that players can also purchase once they obtain the rank of Pirate Legend.

Only a handful of players have managed to slug through the game to reach the rank after the first Pirate Legend, Twitch streamer ProdigyX, reached the milestone at the end of March.

As well as the inclusion of these new cosmetic items, the 1.0.4 patch also added a few minor changes to the game. Players will now hear a new sound effect when they open a book or an expired contract, for example.

Rare has also added controller remapping to the game, giving more flexibility in button layouts. A bunch of known issues and bugs, such as players weapon armouries resetting after death, and ships spawning damaged, have been removed from the game.

This minor game update will be the first of many as Rare starts to prepare itself for the game's first major content update, The Hungering Deep, in May. The larger update will add a brand-new threat into the world as well as a new ship, map biome, and many more unannounced mysteries.

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