Leaked footage of Microsoft's new avatar system surfaces online


Microsoft has been hard at work on bringing its new iteration of Xbox Live avatars to life for about a year now. Unfortunately, we haven't heard much about them in the past few months—that is, until now. 

ResetEra users have uncovered a new video uploaded to YouTube by a former Microsoft designer that shows off all the new Xbox Avatar Editor has to offer. The video, which has since been taken down, was reuploaded to Twitter via The Verge and can be seen below. It features a deep dive into all the new mechanics the Xbox Avatar Editor features, including new body types, clothing, and props that you can use to fully customize how you're represented when playing online via Xbox Live and Windows 10. 

There's a ton of new options promoting diversity, including wheelchairs, motorbikes, skateboards, and a range of other props for those with basically any body type. You can customize far more than a simple stock body with a limited amount of heights and weights, and the system even extends to nails, makeup, arms, and legs.

The Avatar Store will still stock additional options, and there will be a wider range of colors to choose from to help personalize things even further. Unfortunately, there won't be any support for items that you already have for your old avatars, though you'll be able to import your old avatar's build if that's any consolation. 

The new Xbox Live avatars will be built right into the Xbox One dashboard going forward, and will be opening up a new store that third-party developers can sell their own avatar-related products through.

Developers will be getting a preview of the new avatars this month, but it looks like it's still going to be a while until regular users get a chance at making new virtual Mini Mes. Currently, there's no set release date for the new system to go live, but we'll be sitting over here drooling over the new options until then.  

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