Destiny 2's first 6-vs-6 PvP mode is now live


The Iron Banner has returned in Destiny 2, and it has brought an important new wrinkle with it—it's the game's first six-vs-six Crucible mode.

At the beginning of Destiny 2, Bungie made the decision to switch all Crucible game types to four-vs-four. In general, players seemed to jive more with Destiny 1's six-vs-six modes, and they made it clear that they wanted to play with more friends.

It's taken a few months (seven, to be exact), but Destiny 2 finally has a 12-person Crucible mode again. For now, it will just be in Iron Banner, the monthly event where players compete for unique weapons and gear.

Bungie has also brought back the Rumble game mode, which is a free-for-all for six players. Now, though, in Iron Banner at least, they can group up with up to five friends and duke it out on maps that were built for eight players.

Going forward, it will be interesting to see if players prefer six-vs-six in Destiny 2 or if four-vs-four really is the way to go. And then, if their voices are loud enough and heard, maybe Bungie will consider moving forward with different or more six-vs-six modes.

You can try out six-vs-six Iron Banner today as the event will last until next Tuesday, April 24, the day that Bungie will reveal the game's next expansion, Warmind.

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