Splatoon 2's major update, version 3.0, launches today


Splatoon 2's next major update launches today. The update adds over 100 different items, a new rank feature, and the return of one of Splatoon's most iconic characters alongside a host of performance and bug fixes.

This new content includes the introduction of the new X Rank, a challenging Ranked Battle experience that will only be available for the top players. In the current ranking system, those who are S+10 rank will be re-registered as X Rank moving forward.

When a player reaches X Rank, they will start battling for X Power instead of Rank Meter. Players will then be pitted against others with similar ranks with the top 500 players displayed on the new public leaderboard on the SplatNet 2 app for smartphones.

X Rank will reset every few months, however, giving everyone a chance to constantly climb for those top spots. The first of these resets is scheduled to happen on May 31.

In addition to X Rank, the new update adds more than 100 new pieces of gear, which include some of the fan-favorite items from the original Splatoon game for Wii U. The update will also make major adjustments to a lot of the pre-existing weapons and clothing items in-game to balance the game's current competitive meta.

The software update also marks the long-awaited return of fan favorite Squid Sister Callie. Once players meet certain conditions, they will unlock the option to talk to Callie in the single-player portion of the game.

With the major update out of the way, fans will now be turning their attention to Splatoon 2's first major story DLC, Octo Expansion, which is set to come out sometime this year. The new DLC adds over 80 new single-player story mission and gives players the options to play as an Octoling for the first time in the series's history.

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