Nintendo Labo Fansite Offers Curated Toy-Con Projects


Two Nintendo Labo fans are making the most out of their kits by giving back to the platform's devoted players. "Labotopia," is a self-described "destination for the unofficial Labo's spare parts, crazy and creative ideas, and joy," and it's live now.

Labotopia co-founder rico_k turned to r/NintendoSwitch on Monday, pointing out how the Nintendo Labo launched without a centralized "resource center" where fans could share their projects. The game's Toy-Con Garage in particular lets players customize Labo parts in ways entirely unprecedented for a gaming console, and the site strives to let players document their customizable Toy-Cons for other players to enjoy.

One collection, for instance, links to a post by The Verge that teaches players how to create a guitar through Nintendo Labo. Another features the Labo's official replacement PDFs. While the website only offers a handful of submissions for now, adding new content is as easy as submitting a URL to a guide online.

"For now, Labotopia is just a hub of curated Labo projects and concepts, but in the near future, I can imagine us evolving for something more sophisticated, with tips and guides to print a cardboard by yourself, lists of best printing works around the world, one-click-button to buy a community project and so on," rico_k wrote in his thread on r/NintendoSwitch. "It only depends on acceptance by the community."

For more information on Labotopia, head on over to the site's official FAQ. The site is moderated for quality control so content remains "suitable for kids," and its co-founders are considering opening a Patreon in the future to help run the site.

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