Spider-Man PS4 gets an Avengers: Infinity War suit as a pre-order bonus


The second pre-order bonus suit has been revealed for PlayStation 4's exclusive Spider-Man game, and it's a timely one.

The next of the three suits that players will unlock for pre-ordering is none other than the Iron Spider suit, inspired by Spider-Man's appearance in this weekend's upcoming blockbuster movie Avengers: Infinity War.

Iron Spider joins the previously revealed Spider-Punk suit as two of the three pre-order bonuses. The third and final bonus suit will be revealed some time in July.

Pre-order sales for Avengers: Infinity War have the movie lined up to break box office records, with Spider-Man in the Iron Spider suit in the middle of it all. Spider-Man in an Avengers movie was long thought to be impossible before a deal was made between Sony and Marvel Studios.

Developed by Insomniac Games, Spider-Man aims to be the definitive Spidey game, chock full of villains, webswinging in an open world, and a storyline that puts both Spider-Man and Peter Parker's lives at stake in multiple ways.

The pre-order skins are available on top of a Collector's Edition for the game, which includes a Spider-Man statue, a steelbook, an artbook, a sticker, and three post-launch story chapters.

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