Pokémon Go will add Zapdos to Field Research rewards this May


Niantic is planning to make Zapdos, one of Kanto's legendary bird Pokémon, one of many Field Research rewards in Pokémon Go on May 1, bringing with it a bunch of new missions and challenges.

Field Research rewards are part of the game's recently added mission feature, known as Research Tasks. By completing a quest once every day, players earn stickers. After collecting seven stickers, trainers unlock the option to capture a legendary Pokémon.

Currently, only Moltres is available to capture as a reward for collecting seven stamps, so the new legendary will be a welcome addition. It is unknown at this time if Moltres will stop being a reward after Zapdos has been introduced, or if players will receive one of the two Pokémon at random.

Alongside Zapdos, a bunch of new missions revolving around Electric and Flying-type Pokémon will become available in May. These new missions will include skill based tasks that will challenge your abilities as trainers.

Zapdos was originally added to Pokémon Go as a Legendary Raid back in August 2017. It was the last of the legendary bird Pokémon to be introduced into the game after Moltres and Articuno.

Currently, Pokémon Go has increased the spawn rate of certain types of Pokémon to reward trainers for taking part in its ocean week event last week. Niantic also added a new Shiny Pokémon, Wailmer, into the game. This Shiny Pokémon variant, however, is only available until April 30.

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