TemTem, a Pokémon-inspired MMO, is hitting Kickstarter May 29


A Pokémon-inspired game from Crema, the studio behind Immortal Redneck, is coming to Kickstarter on May 29.

TemTem allows players to catch and train hundreds of creatures on an airborne archipelago alongside other trainers in a massive world. You can then battle and trade battle against other players online while joining your friends on adventures in the region.

Crema has only released a small teaser trailer for the title at this time, but it looks promising. Trainers walk into tall grass in order to find new creatures, just like in the Pokémon series, and have the tools to explore the world at their leisure.

Other than catching creatures and the game's customisation house mechanic not much is known about the title. Will TemTem have its own gym-like function that players need to go through to explore? Or will the studio seek an alternative means of progression? Most of the details for the game, including the platforms it will debut on, will go live with the Kickstarter on May 29.

Pokémon fans have been craving an MMO experience for their game ever since the Pokémon Red and Blue released on the Game Boy in the 1990s. The lack of an official game has led many fans to create their own, with fan-games like Pokémon Revolution Online having thousands of players a month.

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