Cranky cat Tom joins Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp


Five new animals have arrived in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, ready to ask you for favors. Most notable is Tom, a cranky cat villager known from other Animal Crossing games.

Alongside Tom the cat, the other Animal Crossing villagers newly added are Shari the monkey, Wendy the sheep, and Jitters the bird. As always, the five new animals bring with them a range of new furniture items that they'll ask you to put in your campsite. If you do, you can then purchase them a special item.

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Maple's special item is Papa bear, while Tom's is a sushi platter, Shari's is a flashy flower sign, Wendy's is an ice cream case, and Jitters' is a foosball table.

Because new animals are here, Nintendo has also enabled the "Host the Most event," which allows Pocket Camp players to level up friendships quicker than usual. It's a good way to get the new animals to your campsite as soon as humanly possible.

Nintendo is also currently running an initiative to get more Pocket Camp players logging in every day. The developer is giving away "extravagant" daily bonus gifts, an event that started April 25 with an in-game Nintendo Switch. It'll run until May 10. The other gifts include tons of Leaf Tickets, essences, and sparkle stones. If you want to get all the gifts available, you'll have to log into Pocket Camp every day.

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