Battlerite Royale Is Coming This Summer


Free-to-play MOBA Battlerite is heading in an oddly familiar direction. Earlier today, Sunlock Studios revealed the game has a battle royale mode coming, and it's launching this summer.

It'll be called "Battlerite Royale." The announcement, posted on Twitter, says players will "go beyond the Arena" by this Summer, and it shows one of the game's champions, Freya, skydiving to a lush island.

Battle royale video games have grown particularly popular in the past year, thanks in part to PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' recent success. Fortnite remains one of the most popular video games on Twitch right now thanks to its battle royale mode, and LawBreakers developer Boss Key Productions has even created its own battle royale title, Radical Heights, in order to jump in on the trend.

But unlike all three games, Battlerite is an action MOBA title, not a third-person shooter. The game uses a top-down camera and casts players in real-time combat against one another while working together with their teammates, building up their Champion's EX ability to enhance their actions in combat. That's a vastly different gameplay structure from, say, PUBG's realistic combat or Fortnite's third-person shooting and fort building.

Very little is known about Battlerite Royale for now, but with Sunlock teasing the game for summer, fans should know more as spring comes to a close. In the meantime, Battlerite was officially released last November, and the game is available for free right now on PC and Xbox One.

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