Nintendo Switch's online service launches in September


Nintendo has finally revealed details for its Nintendo Switch Online subscription service which will launch this September.

The subscription service will come with a number of pricing options, based on length of commitment. These include:

  • One month: $3.99
  • Three months: $7.99
  • 12 months: $19.99
  • Family membership (12 months): $34.99

With a family membership, up to eight Nintendo Account holders will be able to use the Nintendo Switch Online service, even on different systems.

After September 2018, you will only be able to play online multiplayer games such as Splatoon 2ARMSMario Kart 8 Deluxe, and Mario Tennis Aces if you are signed up to the service.

Alongside multiplayer gaming, Nintendo has also revealed that players will gain access to classic NES games with additional online functionality. The NES library will initially include 20 games at launch, which include:

  • Balloon Fight
  • Dr. Mario
  • Super Mario Bros. 3
  • Donkey Kong
  • Ice Climber
  • The Legend of Zelda
  • Mario Bros.
  • Soccer
  • Super Mario Bros
  • Tennis.

The last 10 launch games are yet to be announced. All games with a multiplayer mode will include online play, meaning you can face off against opponents in Tennis and other NES games in the future.

Another feature that Nintendo is adding will be the long sought after save data backups using the cloud. Currently, if your Nintendo Switch breaks, there is no way to recover your saved game data on the system unless you can somehow fix it. The cloud save data storage will be a welcome addition to fans looking for that little bit of extra security for their favorite games.

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