EA announces spring 2019 release for BioWare's sci-fi adventure Anthem


If you've been patiently waiting for more news on EA's upcoming sci-fi RPG Anthem to come out, it looks like you've finally gotten your wish.

On a recent financial earnings call, EA's Chief Financial Officer Blake Jorgensen revealed that Anthem will be "shipped in the last quarter of the year and the last month of that quarter."

That release window means that Anthem, like Mass Effect Andromeda before it, will release just in time to start making money for the current financial year. Hopefully Anthem isn't a repeat of Mass Effect Andromeda's disappointing launch—riddled with bugs, animation problems, and a host of other issues. 

According to Jorgensen, EA is taking a "conservative" approach when it comes to Anthem's success. It's a new IP and there will be limited opportunities to restock it even if it makes the big splash the company is obviously hoping for. Jorgensen says EA is "very excited" about the game, which is great news.

"It's extremely unique," he said. "I think players are going to really enjoy playing it, but we're careful not to put too large of a forecast in there. And clearly, it will impact this year as well as next year as we not only continue to sell more into the next year but start rolling out the live services associated with that game."

Early footage and screenshots as well as EA's comments calling it a "social experience" give off distinct Destiny-esque vibes, but we'll have to see more before passing any judgment. It's highly likely we'll see more of the game next month during E3 2018.

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