How to fix Death Road to Canada's Switch frame rate issues


The Nintendo Switch version of the popular indie hit Death Road to Canada recently went live on the eShop, but some players have been met with severe frame rate issues when trying to play the game.

The console launch for this game was originally delayed from its initial April 25 release date due to the tragic Toronto van attack that killed 10 pedestrians last month. But now that the game is available, players are running into a few problems.

Death Road to Canada runs more slowly on Nintendo Switch than it does on the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game, leading many to feel like they wasted their money on a bad port of a popular title.

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But there's a relatively quick fix for those looking to enjoy the game without these glaring frame rate issues. It's only temporary, however, and will need to be repeated after a few days until Rocketcat Games release a patch to fix the issue once and for all.

The game slows down in frame rate if the console has been in sleep mode for more than a few days. At the moment, you can fix this by simply turning off the Switch and rebooting it. The game should work perfectly fine after doing so.

There's no word on an official patch to fix the issue without the need to reboot the system at the moment, but fans are hopeful that Rocketcat Games will reveal more information in the near future.

Until then, however, you might need to constantly reboot your Switch to fix any performance issues if you want to play Death Road to Canada.

Update May 14 8:55am CT: The developers have now submitted a patch for the game and it is coming soon. The fix will deal with the frame rate issue.

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