Valve's Steam Link app is now available for Android


There's good news for Android users looking to play Steam games over their smartphone or tablet—Valve's Steam Link app is live for Android on the Google Play store.

The app, which is in beta right now, lets users play their Steam games on an Android tablet, smartphone, or smart TV by connecting their computer to their router via an Ethernet cable and connecting their Android device to either their router's 5GHz band or via an additional Ethernet cable. From there, players simply need a Steam Controller or Bluetooth controller in order to play their Steam games via the same network.

There's a few limitations to keep in mind with the Steam Link app, however. For one, the service is specifically designed for Android devices, so some Chromebooks running Chrome OS may not be able to run the software. The service only works via the same local network, too, and it isn't designed so players can stream video games over long distances, such as their apartment to their workplace. And of course, the Android launch is still in beta, so expect Valve to continuously fine-tune the gaming experience.

In the meantime, Steam Link's iOS app is still pending review from Apple, so iOS users on iPad, iPhone, and Apple TV will have to wait a little longer until they can stream their Steam games over to their Apple devices. Meanwhile, Steam Video is set to launch later this summer and will let viewers stream "thousands of movies and shows" when it launches.

For more information on Steam Link and its upcoming video streaming counterpart, read The OP's report on both apps.

H/T PCGamer

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