Temtem's Kickstarter goes live, Nintendo Switch version a stretch goal


Temtem, the massively multiplayer creature-collection adventure game inspired by the Pokémon series will pounce onto PC in late 2019 if its new Kickstarter campaign is successful.

The game is set on the floating islands known as the Airborne Archipelago where humans and creatures known as Temtem live in harmony. An unknown organization would rather use these animals for labor and war, however, so it is up to the hero of the story, you, to set out to find, catch, and train Temtem to stop this shadowy group before they can cause any harm.

After creating your own character, players will be able to journey across six vividly stylized islands in Temtem’s cartoony art style. The game's campaign allows for co-op gameplay and encourages friends to stay side by side.

As an MMO game, there are always other players wandering about for you to join while collecting creatures across the massive world. You can then use these creatures to battle against friends and foes similar to Pokémon's combat system.

Crema, the developers behind the game, have been looking into the Pokémon community to see what type of features they would like to see in the game, in order to make those features a reality. The MMO experience comes from the Pokémon community's long-term desire for a Pokémon MMO game, for example.

“Growing up and playing Pokémon was one of the best parts of my childhood.” Guillermo Andrades, Co-Founder of Crema, said in the announcement. “I want to give that back to players with Temtem and include all of the features I had dreamed of back then."

Crema has even added a Nuzlocke mode into the game. For those not in the know, a Nuzlock is a fan-made mode in Pokémon that forces a player to stop using a Pokémon if it faints, increasing the difficulty of the game tenfold.

Even though the project is based heavily on the Pokémon series, Crema are not working with Nintendo in any capacity. While the project looks to have a lot of potential, Nintendo could potentially shut down the project if the company feels that Temtem is too much like the Pokémon games, and therefore infringing on the company's intellectual property.

The company is hoping to raise £53,000 (around $70,000) to bring its project to life, with a Nintendo Switch version becoming available as a stretch goal if more money is raised.

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