Bungie details changes to upcoming Faction Rally events in Destiny 2


Next week marks the return of Faction Rallies in Destiny 2, a week-long event where players pledge loyalty to one of three factions to earn unique weapons and gear.

Bungie has announced a number of changes coming to Faction Rallies on June 5, including the reveal that players will only be able to pledge to one faction per account. In the past, you could pledge to one faction per each of your three character slots.

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An entirely new system for Faction Rallies, called Renown, will be introduced next week. Players can earn Renown by completing a public event or patrol, or by defeating high-value targets on destinations. Players who loot a Lost Sector will earn more tokens than usual, and the more stacks of Renown you have, the more tokens you earn.

Renown will also increase difficulty, however, as health regeneration will be vastly reduced with each stack, although enemies have a chance to drop health orbs. Player damage will decrease with each stack, while incoming damage will be increased. While Renown is active, players will have a glowing logo of the faction they pledged for on the back of their heads.

Image via Activision
Image via Activision

Reputation progress will carry over through the entirety of each season, so if you're unable to earn something you wanted in this Faction Rally, you could try again in the next one. Bungie said that it is planning three Faction Rallies for season three.

The rewards have been overhauled this time around, and they include Exotic weapon Catalysts, which allow you to upgrade Exotic weapons into Masterworks with improved perks and stats. Pledging to Dead Orbit can earn you the Graviton Lance Catalyst, while Future War Cult will have the Sunshot Catalyst, and New Monarchy will have the Sweet Business Catalyst.

Each faction vendor will now have seasonal ranks, and players can rank up by earning faction tokens. Rank-up rewards will continue to grant Legendary armor and weapons past rank 30.

Like always, there must be a winner. The faction with the most rank-up packages earned during the event will receive an exclusive weapon for purchase, which will then be made available in the loot table of the next Faction Rally.

The event kicks off at 12pm CT on June 5 and will last one week.

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