Pokémon Duel adds fire-breathing Arcanine to the roster


A new Pokémon figurine has been added to Pokémon Duel.

Arcanine is the Pokémon added for June, publisher The Pokémon Company announced today. The fire-breathing pup will be available for purchase before it's added to a booster pack. "Arcanine knows the powerful Extreme Speed, a large Gold Attack that's sure to slice through figures relying on Purple attacks," The Pokémon Company said.

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A new ability, Flame Turbine, can take out figures with special conditions. Arcanine can also bypass Fire-type and burned Pokémon. Later this month, Shiny Eevee and Shiny Umbreon will join Pokémon Duel as part of the team match event. Alolan Sandshrew and Alolan Sandslash will come with the Queen's Cup event, while Ultra Beasts will be available in boosters later in June. (Shiny Pokémon are cosmetic, while Ultra Beasts have some special moves on the board.)

Pokémon Duel was launched in Japan in 2016 before its worldwide release on Android and iOS devices in January 2017. The free-to-play digital board game puts players in control of Pokémon figurines that battle across the board to reach a certain space on the map.

Players can participate in multiplayer online matches or work through a solo, story quest-line. New figurines are acquired through loot box-like booster packs. Figures can also be upgraded by merging them with other figures or items.

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