Final Fantasy XV DLC 'Party Pack' DLC coming next week


Square Enix's Japanese Twitter account posted a cavalcade of new information surrounding Final Fantasy XV today, including news about upcoming DLC and a release date for Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition on PC.

The "Party Pack" downloadable content is coming to both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on June 5 in Japan, but there's no word just yet on whether this will also go for western players. It comes with a selection of items exclusive to the Comrades multiplayer expansion, including the "Noctis Mask," "Gladiolus Mask," "Prompto Mask," "Ignis Mask," and "Birthday Glasses." They look pretty creepy, actually.

Additionally, the official mod tool for Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition, "Mod Organizer," is coming to PC on June 7. This is great news for anyone looking to tinker with the PC version of the game and craft their own items and expansions. Should be some pretty interesting additions, naturally. On the same day, a new update with an extra recipe, a slew of bug fixes, and the ability to skip over Chapter 3's cutscenes will be released. 

For those of you who enjoy Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition, it's making the leap from your smartphone to Windows 10. You'll be able to play the adorable downsized version of the sprawling RPG on PC if the regular version is just too daunting—or if you like cute things more. 

You can pick up Final Fantasy XV now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition is currently available on both iOS and Android.

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