Niantic must pay over $1.5 million in Pokémon Go lawsuit settlement


The Pokémon Go Fest class action lawsuit against Niantic has finally been settled, and Niantic will be paying a hefty sum back to jilted Pokémon Go fans.

The settlement will find the company sending out reparations to the tune of $1,575,000 in damages thanks to the botched meetup back in July 2017. 

The inaugural Pokémon Go Fest was admittedly a mess, and ended up with thousands of unhappy guests who felt their money was essentially wasted. One frustrated Californian player traveled all the way to Chicago for the event, and was forced to stand in line for several hours before being met with game crashes and other connectivity issues once they did get inside. As a result, they ended up filing the class action lawsuit that other players joined in on, thanks to the frustrating conditions set forth by Niantic during the event. 

Niantic first offered to refund anyone who attended the $20 admission price, $100 of PokéCoins, and a Lugia for all attendees. The deadline for all Pokémon Global Rewards to be unlocked was extended as well, but this didn't satisfy frustrated fans, with the lawsuit proceeding ahead. With the ending of the lawsuit and everything now settled, the $1.5 million payout remains, which will settle claims regarding any “fact and/or circumstance related to issues that prevented Pokemon Go Fest attendees from being able to play." 

You can find out if you're eligible to receive your fair due from the settlement here. And if you're interested, Niantic is holding another Pokémon Go Fest this year in July, so get your tickets in for that while you can—if you even want to. 

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