Hitman 2 leaked ahead of official announcement

The latest game in IO Interactive's Hitman series is finally upon us, according to a leak found via Warner Bros.' WB Games website.

Eager fans have uncovered a Hitman 2 logo on the website, which we can likely expect to hear more about next week during E3 2018.

Yesterday, Warner Bros. and IO Interactive had teased a reveal that was meant to happen on Thursday, June 7. Fans were pretty sure the reveal was pointing to a new Hitman game, especially with posts on both the WB Games and Hitman Twitter accounts. 

The Hitman account tweeted to Agent 47 that the "profiles" had been uploaded, and that his next target was about to be revealed. Seemingly in response, the WB Games account tweeted, with the same font used in the Hitman tweet. 

The WB Games tweet featured a clip of a race car driver suiting up and getting ready to head out on the track, but you never see the driver's face or learn anything else about who's actually getting in the car. It looked just like a tease for either 47 getting in a car to take out a target, or it was the target. We're not sure, but the tweets certainly could be hinting at an upcoming story.

It wasn't long after both tweets surfaced that fans were able to uncover the Hitman 2 logo on WB Games' servers, ahead of what appears to be the game's reveal.

Whatever the case and whether or not this leak is real, we'll almost certainly find out more on Thursday.

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