God of War director says there's one secret that hasn't been discovered yet


God of War may have already been out for just about a month, so you'd think there had been plenty of time by now to find everything there is in-game by now in terms of secrets. Looks like that isn't the case, according to game director Cory Barlog. In an interview with Gaming Bolt, Barlog stated that there's still "one thing" players have yet to find, because he hasn't seen any stories about it. 

"Now I'm not going to tell you what that is, but I don't know if there's any cinematics per se, it seems like people have been able to get all the permutations," he continued. "Not one person, but everyone collectively." As far as what he could be referring to, it's incredibly unclear from that vague of a description. He does seem to think that it's pretty "impressive" that the secret hasn't been unlocked yet, considering how quickly these types of secrets are uncovered most of the time -- typically in hours, for some titles. 

With that said, now that folks are aware of something fleeting like a secret that's yet to be discovered in the game, it'll probably be tracked down in a matter of hours now, since people love nothing more than tracking down these kinds of things in games.

It seems that the excellent reboot of God of War is the gift that keeps giving, whether it's from the hilarious "Dad of Boy" memes inspired by the game or its quality alone. It's very much a game worth picking up if you own a PlayStation 4, as it's one of the best exclusives the console has to offer. From cinematic storytelling to satisfying combat and positioning Kratos as that of a reluctant but innately caring father, it's something the console certainly needed.

If you end up figuring out what Barlog's referring to, though, make sure you share that secret with the rest of us!

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